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Arath Herrera
Arath Herrera
March 26, 2024


My name is Arath Herrera and I am a current Senior at Rapoport Academy taking dual credit classes. I will be a first generation student to go to college where I hope to go to the University of North Texas.

I do paintings for a hobby where I have competed in many competitions and have won First Place in Volume 19, Issue 2 of The Stone Circle, where my art was in the front and back cover of the journal. I have gone to the State Competition and won 3 medals for my painting at the Visual Arts Scholastic Event while representing my school. I also have my artwork displayed on the old Paul Quinn Campus Building, and I have also had my art shown in the HOT Fair and Rodeo.

I also volunteer throughout Waco, Texas as I always help out at the Waco Library, where I am most known for helping out with Angel Paws, and I am also a part of the HOT Storytelling Guild. I am also a part of the Waco Historic Foundation with the belle and beaus. I enjoy volunteering wherever I go because it let's me get to know a bit more about Waco and the people who live around here.

I hope to be able to finish my Associate's Degree at MCC by the time I finish high school and then transfer off to university to make my family proud!

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