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Will Suarez

March 26, 2024
Will Suarez

Award-winning Graphic Designer, Muralist, and Entrepreneur

Award-winning Graphic Designer, Muralist, Entrepreneur, Will Suarez, also known as Hidefwilly is a proud Waco Native. Odds are you’ve seen some of his art, whether it’s branding and design to Waco’s Local Businesses and Organization to one of his Colorful Murals. To possibly national ads for Netflix, Sprite, and many others. His unique and versatile style is definitely one that sets him apart. He’s co-owner of Kurbside Coffee and Goods, Waco's first Hispanic owned and operated coffee Business.

Some of his local contributions are working alongside other local artists, designed and executed murals with students of Waco ISD through a program called ArtPrenticeship. His talent, experience, and willingness to help teach and inspire students to further their creativity in whatever they chose to pursue, is very admirable. For the past 3 years, he has been chosen to judge for the Grammys in the category of Best Packaging Design. He’s a member of The Recording Academy Texas Chapter and a proud advocate for all Creators. His contribution and effective activism is an ongoing passion. His love for this city is one that cannot go unrecognized.

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